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El Salam Alaikum!

I'm Ranya, and I'll be your guide to everything Egypt. I was born in Port Said - a small port town on the Mediterranean and Red Seas - and I lived in Egypt until I was 13. I am proud of my country and my culture, and want to share how this magical land has touched my soul and changed me forever. It is a land that has marked world history time and time again, and I would love for you to experience how inspiring, humbling and rejuvenating it feels to be in such a beautiful, powerful place. 

7 Wonders was founded in 2021 to provide people with unforgettable experiences and broaden their understanding of foreign lands. I’ve always been passionate about making people happy, giving them unforgettable experiences, and connecting them to deeper, adventurous parts of themselves. Get in touch today to learn more or book your spot!

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